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  1. My sad story goes like this: I have a 1,5TB Seagate (ST31500341AS, firmware SD17). The Seagate site says that my S/N does not need firmware upgrade, yet, trying to re-format it - it died. BIOS can see it, but windows could not mount it. Not a big problem though, since there were no data on it. I tried the firmware upgrade to SD1B. BUT, did not pay attention that there was another 320GB Seagate (ST3320613AS, firmware SD22) that got first in line for the firmware upgrade. When I noticed it, it was too late. Now, I have this second disk flashed with the wrong firmware (SD1B instead the latest for this model SD2B) It is not detected by the BIOS, nor spins-up during POST. The bottom line question: Is there a way via the terminal communication to flash-back the proper firmware?