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  1. Oh, When you said "They are same" I thought you meant the two different versions were the same for some reason. Anyway, it turns out that it only displays the multiple rows of tabs when the resolution is greater than 640x480. Mea maxima culpa.
  2. They are the same.Argh. Yes, they are both version 1.33 internally; I'm referring to the later version with the multiple rows of tabs (instead of the single, scrolling row) and the fixed tooltips, among other things. has screenshots of both. They are identical I beg your pardon, but are you using the word "identical" in some sense I am not familiar with? The MDGX link I mentioned above specifically lists the following changes:
  3. They are the same.Argh. Yes, they are both version 1.33 internally; I'm referring to the later version with the multiple rows of tabs (instead of the single, scrolling row) and the fixed tooltips, among other things. has screenshots of both.
  4. Hi, I was giving this a spin on a Windows 98SE installation the other day. Fine work and all that, but I wanted to ask: what's with the inclusion of the inferior version of TweakUI? Isn't the 1.33 version (see superior? Apologies if this has been hashed out a million times already; a quick search revealed no relevant discussion.
  5. I'm running into this same problem. I even tried filling the drive to capacity, and switching the TEMP and TMP variables to point to a smaller drive. What's the solution? It's a 32-bit SETUP.EXE, so MKCOMPAT shouldn't do anything.I have a CT4810, but I haven't tried playing with the Windows drivers yet. EDIT: Can ANYONE reading this successfully run the setup program in ? It occurs to me the whole setup package might be missing some vital component. EDIT2: Of course, the fact that the CT4810 is an Ensoniq AudioPCI and not an SB Live! might have something to do with it too.
  6. I answered those questions already. Anyway, I have now reinstalled, taking the extra paranoid precaution of disconnecting all but one of my optical drives this time, and I have had no problems at all! Really, it's amazing that Windows XP can run at all with so many missing files, if missing files is indeed what it came down to. I just wish I hadn't spent so much time trying to get it working. How absurd that Setup should fail silently when I specified incorrect locations! Just for kicks, I have attached the setuperr.log from my last installation attempt. setuperr.txt
  7. Well, for some reason Setup kept asking me for the location of its files, and perhaps it was failing silently when I specified the wrong drive. Why it would be asking me for the location of its files in the first place is something I do not know, unless somehow the designated CD drive letters changed at different points during Setup.You are correct that I decided to keep drivers out of the CD. My drives area all thoroughly unremarkable IDE drives anyway. I have absolutely no idea about the hotfix order. As you might surmise from the paths, I derived them from a set of hotfixes that Autopatcher downloaded. I guess this specific problem with the DCOM Sever Process Launcher is not something with an obvious solution? Why exactly wasn't WMI installed, anyway? I don't recall excluding it specifically.
  8. By "start over", I mean try to install again from the same CD. I did get some weird errors during Windows Setup that might possibly be related to my multiple CD drives, so I'm going to try disabling the redundant ones. Like I said, it does work perfectly in VMware - or is it not unusual for things to work better in VMware than on a real PC? Can you explain what the problem is with "Explorer-Launch folder windows in a separate process" ? As I recall, it is trivial to undo after installation with a single registry tweak, though I forget which one.
  9. I'm trying out my new nLited XP installation, and I've encountered a serious problem: most of the services are not started after I log in, even the ones that should start automatically. This includes such hits as the DCOM Server Process Launcher, DHCP Client, Network Connections, and of course Event Log, which might actually tell me what's going on. A lot of Googling brings up similar problems from other users in probably unrelated situations (possibly involving infected computers), but no concrete solutions. There's this KB article which suggests a Group Policy might be at fault. I finally figured out that I had to reinstall WMI before I could run gpedit.msc, but all the window displays is a few instances of "Group Policy Object Editor" with x's through them. I already tried running SFC, but it completed with no evident errors. What's really baffling is that I never had problems like this when I used the same install CD in VMware. I'm tempted to just start over and see if I did something wrong during setup, but I'd hate to go through all that again only to find that I've still got the same problem. Any suggestions as to what might be missing? EDIT: You'll probably want my LAST_SESSION file, I'm guessing. LAST_SESSION.INI