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  1. Hello all, After 3 months of research, 4 different cables, and countless attempts at unlocking my BSY .5TB Seagate, I find myself stuck by the BSY hurdle itself: I can finally communicate with the drive in Hyperterminal, but upon issuing the spin down command, I get the typical BSY message. I have placed 2 different types of paper and 2 different business cards between the head contacts, still BSY. I have also placed the aforementioned interruptions between the motor contacts, still BSY. I have placed the interruptions between both sets of contacts, and I get no response from Hyperterminal. As a test, I completely removed the PCB to ensure there was no contact at all, and I likewise get no response from Hyperterminal. I have scoured this forum, and some other sites, backwards and forwards over the past few months, and I've not seen anyone with the same issue. Has anyone seen this, or have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, YumMe