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  1. Frustrating... finally the generic CA-42 cable showed up and I installed the Nokia drivers that came along with it. The cable is recognized in device manager as a USB to serial controller but no drivers installed. Tried this on XP and Win 7 machines, same thing. Any suggestions I can try while waiting for another cable? Update - I found the prolific driver for the 2303, installed, cable now recognized but get code 10 - this device cannot start. I think the bargain cable is a dud, a few more hours gone...
  2. Sorry if this has been asked/answered before, many pages in this topic! I suspect I have the busy error on my seagate. What would happen if an identical electronics board (from unaffected drive) was placed on my problem drive? Also - I have three partitions on drive, one active, two data. Will the proceedure do anything to existing partitions/data? Thank you