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  1. Thanks for the unistall cleaner program but I already downloaded the driver for 9x and when I go to install it a message comes up saying it couldn't detect any nvidia display chips so I don't know what to do about the driver.
  2. Im using directx 9.0 and yeah I guess I will move the topic thanks fro your help
  3. I got the pc from a friend and didn't install any of the hardware myself so I wouldnt know how he installed it. But the driver I think is Nvidia Riva TNT2 model 64 pro version I think that is it I don't know sorry. So I guess its software version is 4.0, I cant get to the nvidia tab unless I enable hardware acceleration and that makes the screen not work correctly
  4. I'm running Windows 98SE and I don't know how to tell what the driver version's are.
  5. Hello I have been having trouble with my nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 pro display adapter. Whenever I enable hardware acceleration my screen will go black for a couple of seconds then go to normal then it will do it again, it does this until I disable hardware acceleration. Please help.
  6. hey I'm new to the forum and I tried to install RP9 and I downloaded all the requirements but it sill says I need to download the GDI update which I believe I already installed help please