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  1. I desperately need help with Networking these two PC's. Primary PC has Windows XP Pro SP3 Secondary PC has Windows 7 Ultimate. This is where I currently stand: Both PC's are using the Windows Firewall. On the Secondary PC, I made the "C" drive sharable. On the Primary PC, I did the following: - START/NETWORK PLACES and saw an entry for "C drive on Secondary PC" - Double clicked on the "C drive" entry and I am getting the following error message "\\Secondary access\c is not accessible. You might not have permission to use the Network resource. Contact your administrator..." Another thing I did: -on my Primary system, clicked on "My Computer/Shared Documents". In there I have 6 directories. - on my Secondary system, using NETWORK, I see my Primary and Secondary PC's. - I clicked on PRIMARY, then clicked on Shared Documents and got the following message: "Windows cannot access \\PRIMARY\ShareDocs--You do not have permission to access.." I also tried disabling the Firewalls. I do NOT have Passwords setup on either system. I must also ask, if you reply, please give detail help. I am a novice when it comes to Networking. Thank You, Sam Edit/Delete Message Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Quick reply to this message