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  1. There is no version Opera 12.50. It is 12.5 (Snapshot build 1513) and is older than 12.15. The introduced plugin wrapper doesn't run on 98/ME. So the FlashPlayerPlugin doesn't work in Opera 12.5 and higher. The HTML5 player runs inside 12.5 with only 360p and a saving possibility (right click menu) of 480p.
  2. Probably a typo: It isn't 11.63, but 10.63. FF9.01 runs stable without bookmark function on 98/ME and KernelEX. It was reported that FF10 runs on some systems, too. But mostly not.
  3. Opera 12.15 or FF 43 don't work on 98/ME, neither with KernelEX. @Nomen: Yes, the 98/ME community isn't important in the wider internet, but I think it should be on this MSFN board site.
  4. This report should be into the topic "Forum upgrade to v4.2!". But yes these buttons (Home-Microsoft Software Products-Windows 9x/ME...) don't work. You can create bookmarks or zoom the page to +. Then the look changes and you see only one working button. I don't think it has become much worse than before. Of course, these are annoying glitches.
  5. In preparation of a system to test the ME ServicePack the chipset driver did not work as expected. Probably there is something wrong in the inf file, perhaps in relation to PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_29C1.DeviceDesc="Intel G33/G31/P35 Express PCI Express Root Port - 29C1" %PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_29C1.DeviceDesc%=PCI_BRIDGE_DRV,PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_29C1 The driver NV 82.69 doesn't work! Nwiz causes an error in Kernel32.dll. It works with xrayer's chipset driver. The graphics card is NV7900GS (256MB), the Board is an Asus P5KPL/1600. Date 08/10/2017 Time 12:55 NWIZ caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 016f:bff8e64b. Registers: EAX=007a10cc CS=016f EIP=bff8e64b EFLGS=00000206 EBX=82de71ec SS=0177 ESP=007a0f1c EBP=007a10cc ECX=00000177 DS=0177 ESI=df27a000 FS=249f EDX=007a10bc ES=0177 EDI=00000f8e GS=0167 Bytes at CS:EIP: cc a1 f0 bc fb bf 8b 00 66 64 f7 05 1c 00 00 00 Stack dump: 01350000 82de7238 00000005 82df11c4 82df11d8 c1d58100 00000000 007a10d8 ffecbad7 007a0f6c 007a0f50 0000000e 00000007 00000000 00000000 007a0f74 Unfortunately, I can not say anything more exact. I will continue to investigate this.
  6. Windows ME Service Pack

    Today I installed the ServicePack, Main Updates and Optional Updates. The System File Protection (StateMgr) must be disabled, otherwise the update files are stored in the spf folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\sfp\archive or get 001. The restart doesn't work after installation. The restart is possible after ending Task. The dialog box to unplug or eject hardware doesn't open anymore.
  7. Yes, 7.4.2 crashes by the attempt to open a write-protected txt file here too. It doesn't crash on Vista. So probably it isn't a new bug of notepad++. GetLogicalProcessorInformation comes first with Vista and XPSP3. Hence the OS requirements go up for notepad++.
  8. Does the problem still exist? Did you try 7.4.1 or 7.4.2. Version 7.4.2 requires [Kernel32.dll] GetLogicalProcessorInformation= GetNumaHighestNodeNumber= QueryDepthSList= in the Kstub.ini. KexBeta17 already supports these API's. The Toolbar is back with 7.4.2.
  9. Hello jumper, the definition of GetAdaptersAddresses in Kexbases doesn't work for µTorrent (2.0.4). My OS is WinME. We discussed the problem 2012/13 in the Kext topic. 98SE wasn't affected. It occurred to me on start of programs to test kexbeta17. It works, if I override GetAdapterAdresses of Kexbases.
  10. Good to know. I think you are the first and only one to get 12.18 running on 98SE/ME. You must have dll's and Kext entries I don't have. I can run Opera up 12.5 build 1538.
  11. Apparently "&nohtml5=1" doesn't work anymore. I tried to run the FlashPlayer on youtube in Opera 10.63, 11.64, 12.02, Firefox 3.6.28, 9.0.1. But Flash still runs, if I take the gsstreamer folder out of the Opera program folder, what Commodore found out.
  12. Youtube/ HTML5 runs very well on the machines one, two, three, of course with 360p only, until I e.g. call a new tab or start a program. This leads to interruptions. My used Nvidia drivers 82.16 and 82.69 support OpenGL 2.0.1, but not OpenGL ES, 2.1 or newer.
  13. Why you do not remain in "No youtube for Win9x/ME users without KernelEX anymore now?"? I guess you will have no success with your abovementioned hardware and HTML5 playback. I already said: "Yes, but probably hardware dependent. Usually the playback works smoothly on my G31, G41 and i915 machines. It is very poor (jerky video), on my older and weaker VIA P4M266A, Pentium4 Northwood, NV5900XT (AGP), 1GB RAM system." My Hardware: First machine: Intel G31/ CPU Wolfsdale Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (SSE4.1) (of course only one core)/ 2GB RAM DDR2 800 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7900GS 2. Intel G41/ CPU Intel Celeron 440 (SSSE3)/ 2GB RAM DDR2 800 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7800GT 3. Intel i915/ CPU Intel Prescott 630 3GHz (SSE3)/ 1GB RAM DDR 400 Dual Channel/ graphics - Nvidia 7800GT jerky video: VIA P4M266A/ Pentium4 Northwood 2,4GHz (SSE2)/ 1GB RAM DDR 266/ NV5900XT (AGP - the chipset supports only 4x) On youtube help they say Internet connection must be 500+ kbps.
  14. Painfully Slow Network Speeds

    You are not sure? The correct driver for the SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter is sl119.zip. http://w3.sis.com/download/download_step1.php?id=153181 Ethernet cables: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ethernet_cables
  15. Painfully Slow Network Speeds

    Which adapter is it and which driver you have installed? Maybe you have a problem with your driver or your ethernet adapter is faulty or you use a slow and bad LAN cabel. Did you test your down speed? Maybe your router can give you information about the real speed.