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  1. Usually I use Opera 11.64. 12.02 makes no difference on I have a question to the appearance. I see lines or boxes instead of the pins and symbols, but on one computer this Site looks rather well, similar to XP. So it should be possible to have a well-arranged appearance on Win ME (and probably on 98, too). Up to now for me it isn't clear why. I ruled out Preferences/Style options and Kext. It might have to do with one or more dll files in the system folder or an update. Maybe someone of you knows it.
  2. For the order of installation see the Installation Guide of U98SESP3: KernelEX: Yes, you have to install a full release like 4.5.2 first. After that you can install KernelEx 4.5.2015.13 updates.
  3. Of course, there is no support anymore. This post was last edited November 2011 by galahs. There is a snapshot version of Opera 10.70. Certainly 10.66 is a typing error.
  4. So far Version 13 is Ok. Updated on two computers (Win ME).
  5. The Driver Cleaner Pro 1.5 works.
  6. Yes, latest FlashPlayer 22 doesn't work anymore. The browser creates an error message on crash. Also a look into the ReleaseNotes might be worth.
  7. You find the chipset driver here. The bearwindows 9x driver (vbemp) for graphics could work with the integrated GMA X4500 without any kind of 3D support. The driver is tested with INTERNAL Intel G43 Graphics (GMA X4500). Another possible driver is the SCITech snap graphics driver, but probably it is untestet. The better choice is a PCIE NV 6xxx or NV7xxx or PCIE ATI up to Radeon X8xx graphics card. Don't use graphics cards with more than 256MB. Some BIOS's permit ATA/IDE configuration settings like legacy or compatible mode to run the hard disk with DMA mode (fast). If this mode doesn't exist or work, you have to purchase the R. Loew's SATA driver. Otherwise the HDD runs with very slow "DOS compatibility mode". A driver for onboard sound isn't available. Be aware there is no guarantee that 9x/ME runs on a Q43/Q45 system as desired!
  8. Probably upgrading to ME will not solve this problem. Search for Standby or Hibernate here in this forum, if the Search Box still exists since forums upgrade. You'll find a lot of topics about standby problems. Maybe you find a solution. Changing BIOS settings could help. Standby problems occur very often on 9x and ME after graphics driver installation . I always shutdown my PC's with about three clicks and standby is set to never.
  9. Hello Flasche, meanwhile PRB opened a topic about the update problem: Avast 4.8 update trouble
  10. Usually we are on uninvestigated or undocumented area with testing of programs like latest browsers with the help of KernelEX and especially Kext - Do it yourself KernelEx extensions. Mostly we need workarounds. My knowledge is rather limited to make great steps. The only currently development of KernelEX known to me is here on MSFN. A very huge thanks to jumper. I know development and testing needs very much time. How often I rebooted my computers during the past years?? I try to keep the WIKI up to date if time permits. I would be happy, if others could add more tested progams in the hope to keep the knowlege in the future, to have a place to check up. I tested unsuccessfully the Safari browser some years back with KernelEX 4.5.2 and without Kext. Tests with the rather unknown browsers were mostly unsuccessful, too, but you can give DIY Kext a shot.
  11. You can try another DVI cabel and you can give other drivers a shot (77.72, 82.16 or 82.69...). Probably you have no other graphics card to test. My monitors have a maximum resolution of only 1280x1024. Thus I have no practical experience, whether a NV driver bug could be given.
  12. Probably it doesn't make sense to to talk about a i810. This chipset has a 370 pin CPU Socket and no AGP Slot. The Pentium 4 needs a socket 478 and a Dell Dimension 4300 should have a i845 chipset. Or is it a special version? CamTron, apart from the possible RAM problem, did you check your HDD partitioning and the free space of the partitions. Do you have the WIN386.SWP file on partition C? I had freezing OpenGL programs because of low HDD space. A few hundred MB can be insufficient.
  13. Confirmation: System Win ME, KernelEX 4.5.2: Foxit Reader The direct copy is possible to Notepad++ or OpenOffice writer. System Win ME, KernelEX 4.5.2015.12: Foxit Reader Error message "Invalid User32.dll, cannot find SetLayeredWindowAttributes" Faultlog: Datum 04/13/2016 Uhrzeit 12:26 FOXIT READER verursachte einen Fehler durch eine ungültige Seite in Modul KERNEL32.DLL bei 0177:bff8e1ad. Register: EAX=c002fa54 CS=0177 EIP=bff8e1ad EFLGS=00010212 EBX=00000000 SS=017f ESP=01c3fe08 EBP=01c400a4 ECX=00000000 DS=017f ESI=01f01860 FS=3ba7 EDX=015dd8e0 ES=017f EDI=011e9cf0 GS=0000 Bytes bei CS:EIP: 53 8b 15 f4 bc fb bf 56 89 4d e4 57 89 4d dc 89 Stapelwerte: Versions 4.x: Copy function only by "text viewer" of Foxit. Apparently a copy to MS Editor or WordPad is always impossible, it doesn't matter which version I use.
  14. I am not sure what you mean. A screenshot would be helpful. Or do you mean those | in the menu? Then change the fonts to e.g. Tahoma.
  15. KernelEX will not help you to install drivers! KernelEx has the aim to run Windows 2000/XP-only applications on Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium operating systems. Make sure you have the Microsoft Layer for Unicode version 1.1.3790.0 unicows.dll. It only needs to be inserted into the system folder.