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  1. ej Bro can you give me you e-mail pls ! beacause !! i don't undersand PLS bro ok Bye
  2. hay gays how to change regedit Values before install windows XP {or how ti edit Regedit before install windows XP} thnx caoooo
  3. eyy man BRONZ Cursor is not DEFAULT in the WINDOWS XP !! in the MOUSE PROPERTIES WRITE WINDOWS DEFAULT{system scheme} ???
  4. hi how can changes original cursors of Windows XP Before Installing ! please HELP me ok bye
  5. hi gays a want to change this screen before instalation but a don't now where is that FILE Please jelp ME how can i change it ok THNX
  6. hi hey gays why? a can't install windows Me in 'MSI" P43 NEO Intel P43 experss Chipset Based "DEVICE DRIVER NOT FOUND" NO VALID CDROOM DEVICE DRIVER PLEASE help !!??
  7. selamu alejkum mohammad you are welcome in and a'im MUSLIM like ok ok selamu alejkum
  8. HI

    i'm irfan from MACEDONIa caoo