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  1. I can see that I'm the only one voting for Gainward GeForce FX5200 at the moment Anyway that's what I just bought, with a new PC of course. Then again, that's not fatest on my new PC
  2. WRC rules Last years champ Petter Solberg will fight his way back into the lead after a diaspointing start, to win the championship
  3. thx guys. I've already found quite a lot of interesting subjects here. Looking forward to learning new stuff.
  4. Before Windows Media Player 9 series I used WinAmp, but I got the feeling WinAmp used a lot of resources. Any comments on this?
  5. MSFN is just what I needed! Been looking around for tweaks, guides and help! This looks good! jorgen.b
  6. Downloading @ 92,8 KB/sec in Oslo, Norway! Must say I've learned a great del from you guys today (my first). (Day that is ) jorgen.b