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  1. Has anyone got a list of common regtweaks and their functions for use in a vista unattended file? I have read FireGeier's guide and managed to take some from there and other posts on the forum, but surely, there must be plenty more?
  2. Hi Just a quick question really... In your opinion, what is the best way to go about slipstreaming .net, ie8 etc? I have already created a Vlited SP1 Vista ISO with the latest updates slipstreamed using Autopatcher (won't be upgrading to SP2 because it breaks the wireless connectivity with my printer and i couldn't figure out why!). Tested this install in VMWare and its working fine. So far i have come across using OEM folders and Reverse Integration. I'm thinking reverse integration because it seems pretty straight forward when using VMWare and it means i can briefly set up the OS with reg tweaks, layout etc. before creating the new wim. Also, setup should be faster because no folders are copied to the hard drive before installation as with OEM folders. But before i go ahead and do this...i wanted to know if there were any other routes and whether they would be better? Thanks
  3. Try 'Tweaking Toolbox Vista.' It has the export function you are looking for (but only for the paid version).