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  1. Already figured this one out for myself. You need to power the brick HDD from the same box as where you connected the drive to. Else RX will work, but TX won't I wouldn't advise to try this. I never had to do this, but I read enough about it that I'm 99% sure that you will completely frack your HDD without any chance to make it work ever again. Also note that SD1A has the same probs as SD15. I updated my Barracuda when Seagate made the final (fixed) release of the new firmware and it still managed to brick itself. So I would advise: unbrick your Barracuda using the given instructions, backup your stuff to a WD or Samsung drive with equal storage size ASAP, then toss away the Barracuda and never buy any Seagate drive ever again. At least that is what I'm planning right now.
  2. I have the same prob aswell. => without my visit card the LED 000000CC msg appears in the terminal; with it I can't get in command mode using ctrl+z. I already tried with HyperTerminal and PuTTy When I patch through RX and TX leads on the cable to test it the cable does seem to work correctly. Any help is very much appreciated! My HDD does have the new firmware BTW, maybe that has something to do with it?