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  1. So do we know that CC1H and newer (CC1J) are good?
  2. They didn't forget, I think it's purposeful. Seagate wants to manage this too, so they get out of it alive. Plus, the 'fix' isn't available yet.
  3. Thanks for the tip, I've msged him I will let you know more information if I get a reply about how he fixed his problem and if he's willing to help others. Stay tuned. I've been keeping tabs on this thread (I bought 2x 500GB drives on boxing day, and after 2 weeks of mess with them, I finally figured out the write speed on both the drives was 10MB/sec), and it seems a lot of people posting in this thread are from Canada. I know other countries are represented here too, but it seems abnormal how many of us are from Canada. Just an observation... I'm from Canada too. By the way, I have 3x 1.5TB drives that I plan to replace with WD 2TB drives when they come out. It seems the 1.5TB's don't fail with this problem though?