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  1. Stefan, I'm probably doing something very basic wrong, but I cant see what.. This is de error I get: Win Integrator Version= Unable to open/create .wim file D:\sources\install.wim. Error = 27 --- EXCEPTION #1/1 [InvalidOperationException] Message = “Unable to open/create .wim file D:\sources\install.wim. Error = 27” ExceptionPath = Root ClassName = System.InvalidOperationException HResult = -2146233079 Source = stefanRTR.Base StackTraceString = “ at stefanRTR.WimImage.Native.CreateFile(String imageFile, AccessFlags access, Disposition mode, ActionFlags flagsAndAttributes, CompressionType compressionType, CreationResult& result) at stefanRTR.WimImage.WimInfo..ctor(String wimPath) at WinIntegrator.Start.iOPIpbGG6WubARTpJV.VAlbMBnRq() at stefanRTR.ErrorHandling.Catch(String comment, Action action) ” I've selected the root of my Win 7 dvd and this is the error. Running on win7 x64. TIA