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  1. Most noizing thing is a Parent control , all about Voice , and UAC.. If youll shut it down it will be wery good.. Big thx for help.. Sorry for my English)
  2. My sucksasfull making of ISo.. whithount Wallpapers.. Max can you add deleting of Speech support , Natural language , help, welcome sentre... and other not needed options.. My Vlite false every time ( Se7en_UA.ini wim.txt
  3. No.. i now were is Wallpapers.. I asked how can i change BACKGROUN AT SETUP (when i instal Windows..) and if you know at start up (crtl+alt+del) ill try to put all files at APPS if ill have a problem ill send you win.ini and Se7en_UA.ini. Mabe problem couse first i clean some elements with Vlite ? and else with your prog ?
  4. I think problem in changing... nothing else doesnt make problem.. Only key like XXXXXXXXXXX make 1 problem ) but its was my mistake.. can you make availibal to change only Addons and something more and to do ISO ? Its take more time to check all.. boxes. And cam you say me pls how to change background is Setup ? (setup of windows) Se7en_UA.ini
  5. Sorry.. now i made all without wallpapers and all is Ok. Ill upload wim.txt whot i made tonight.. Yes i understud that i must not to check Commit.. i mad ISO.. today ill try.. wim.txt
  6. TrutetIntaller - its a servies its was shuted down , i turned it ON , testing.. after ill upload Se7en_UA.ini Nope...same error... 1 more problem.. i Packed all some errors in drivers.. but all is ok , but i cant make an ISO i made with PowerIso , instaled by VirtualBOx , and didnt see any changes in windows... Se7en_UA.ini
  7. Pls .. i cant get over my problem.. Runtime Error "70" Permission denied i am only Admin on Pc.. i use hiden Admin.. folder zMountDir is ovned by Trutet Installer . I got problem after coping wallpapers... Problem in wallpapers o_O after 4 hours i just understud that... omg.. my OS - WIn 7 Prof x64