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  1. It looks like my issue was a result of having XP SP2 and XP SP3 base images on the same RIS server. Once I removed the XP SP2 image, the continuous restart on the e6400 laptop stopped (riprep image). Now I have to test it using AHCI, or IRRT for SATA, but at least the old style ATA now works.
  2. Noted that some posts mentioned an issue with XP SP2 and XP SP3 on the same RIS server. Since that is my setup, and the error appears to be similar, perhaps I need to look at this? I am also unclear on the fix.
  3. Hi Everyone, I have seen multiple posts on the Latitude e6400, Intel Storage Matrix, and RIS. I have been trying to follow the directions, but I must be making a mistake somewhere. Maybe someone can "dumb" down the instructions for me, because I am not getting it. I have been able to create a risetup image, from Windows XP with SP3. I used the "F6" method (for lack of a better term) to use the Intel drivers for the HD. This worked without an issue. However each and everytime I create a Riprep image and try to install it, the laptop will always BSOD (Stop: 0x000007B). I don't know what I am missing, and I am pulling my hair out. Let me know what details you need to see, in order to help. Technical Details: RIS Server - Windows Server 2003 x64 R2. CD Based Images - Contains volume edition Windows XP with SP2 & volume edition Windows XP with SP3 (new addition). In the past, we would go into BIOS on client machines with SATA technology, and switch them to ATA....this always worked. Now however this option does the same BSOD. Thanks in advance. Hutch