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  1. I'm running Windows XP Pro 64 on a Dell Precision 690. At the time of the incident I was using AVG anti-virus. While browsing the internet using Firefox, I encountered a trojan type error on what looked like an AVG warning screen. I clicked "heal" and the following problem has happened ever since: I get an error that reads This application has failed to start because nettuispfp.dll was not found. Re-intalling the application may fix this problem. This error does not stop Internet explorer and Microsoft Office programs from running, but it blocks Foxpro, Dreamweaver, and some adobe programs from running. So far, I have placed two premium service calls to AVG and Dell. Their technicians gave up after about an hour. Plumb Direct was very courteous and worked on the problem for five hours with no luck. What I want to know is: is there a diagnostic tool that records all the a major events between a mouse click on an application and the generating of the missing dll message? I've been watching the techs try to fix this, and it doesn't seem as though they are able to watch a de-bugging screen that lists the events that take place. Thanks for any help you can offer.