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  1. Managed to connect and done everything that was needed to make it work, although windows cannot boot with this HDD, I tried to connect it while in windows - it sayd it is 7.87GB space, and disc manager shows it is blocked, what do I do?
  2. Hello again, I managed to install driver for CA-42 cable (prolific USB to serial bridge), although I cannot connect to a terminal service, I tried flipping TX and RX cable, and see not difference, program says it is connected but ctrl-z does not work and just see the blank screen either way, but when swapping the ground cable terminal fails to connect. Please help!
  3. Thanks for that, I was thinking the same, I have got a spare HDD so I'll just install xp on it. Thanks again on the advice!
  4. Hello, Few days ago my hdd went into the busy state and I am trying to fix it as I have a lot of data there that I need. I am also trying to fix it myself. I am using nokia CA42 to connect it, and I think I have done it right, would anyone here know what driver I need to use as my Windows 7 64bit does not actually recognise it and cannot find any drivers. Please help!