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  1. Any entrepeneuring person care to sell or rent their cable/adaptor setup for doing this? Anyone in the St. Louis area around here that would like to help me unbrick my drive? I'm willing to compensate for the service. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have what I believe is the BSY failure described here on my 1.5TB Freeagent Desktop. According to Seagate, and they'd never lie, my firmware version CC3H is not susceptible to this error like the older versions. Has anyone had this same problem with the CC# level of firmwares? I haven't made it through the entire 112 pages yet, but all the ones I read had the older SD#, etc.. firmware numbers. Just curious before I go too far down this path. My problem was the dying on reboot and now I get the "beeps" every 2 seconds until it goes into sleep mode.