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  1. Hello, noob here. I found this forum when I was searching for an answer for an Autoit error that keeps popping up when I open my computer. I hope you can help me. At first when my computer open, virus warnings started popping up (I'm using Avira) they all belong in the temp file found in C:. I copied a report from the Avira events panel. It reads: Virus or unwanted program 'HTML/Crypted.Gen [virus]' detected in file 'C:\Documents and Settings\thadus_2pk\Local Settings\Temp\teuzyvl. Action performed: Delete file I delete them and after a few clicks (same virus different names, like 5 to 6 times) this pops up: <Its in the attachments> I have a some programs to keep my computer in shape (if you even call that). I have registry mechanic and Window washer that I use whenever. this is the first time this happens after using the two. Thats all I know so far. Soo... Help? please? PLEASE???