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  1. The reason for that error is Boot.wim does not contain a driver that can see your HDD's. You want to integrate your sata/ide/and/or raid drivers into the DVD\Sources\Boot.wim image #2 and also into your Install.wim. Boot.wim # 2 is the image that loads during DVD installations. And how to do that? Also I rember that once I havent had this problem. Can I do that in vlite integration tab, and where to find those drivers, I have OCZ Vertex 30GB with TRIM and 500GB 7200.12 Seagate HDD
  2. which setup.exe did you copy? the one from the root or the one from the sources folder? I extracted setup.exe from Win7 x64 ISO image
  3. Ok guys tried again with extreme version I have followed completly instuctions, there was no errors and I have added setup.exe from original DVD, here is the error I get:
  4. So I can disable(uncheck) in Vlite all drivers?
  5. Ok guys tried this method but I get followinr error after I press install now A reqired CD/DVD drive device is missing. If you have driver floppy disk or cd prelase insert it now I used 7extreme as base but i added in(uncheked in vlite) windows media center, windows media player, windows media codecs and in drivers I added(uncheked in vlite) storage controllers. I am runing gigabyte board with p35chipset q6600, 4gb rams ati radeon 4870 1Gb card, and seagate 500gb hdd