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  1. I have Seagate 7200.11 500 GB ST3500320AS(rectangle PCB, not like yours strange shaped PCB) FirmwareSD15, Nokia CA-42 cable, Torx T6 and big will to revive the brick from BSY error PLEASE! I've seen that plastic card or visit card can be put to both motor and head part so there are few questions: 1. Where exactly should I put the card? - OVER HEAD 2. What will happen if I make a mistake? - Don't even think of that! 3. What happens when the motor engage the PCB while the HDD is powered on(if I've put the card on head)? - Nothing special! 4. Can anyone guide me through the power off/on process? - IT'S NOT NEEDED, FOLLOW "F" commands! After less than 3mins everything was done and the brick was alive again! Thank you ALL!