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  1. dear best frinds thank U all for helping me so i couldint find the cable here in jordan but i'm go to electronical inginear so he is my freand to and he make one for me serial RS232 to TTL after i used it my HDD back to life and now i have to reach to all my data on it there is no losting data thank U all :w00t: :w00t:
  2. Hi all jaclaz thank you for your answer but i cant find any TTL here in JORDAN but i can bay the same HDD from the store so if i bot another one and change the electric board can i get to the data ??can i copy it to my external 250 G.B. HDD?? the price of new HDD MAXTOR 1T.B. that i found in the store is about 140$ but i cant risk with any data to be lost :ph34r:
  3. Hi 4 all Im new here & i ask for some help i have a HDD MAXTOR 1T.B. now it be stoped by sending an I/O Error so i cant reach to data on it and cant copy ,cut or paset from or to it so i wach the move on you tube and read some of yor problims so ... my bro if any body can help me becaouse i cant find the NOKIA ca-42 cable or RS232 to TTL but i alrady have a RS232 to USB Cable exactly like this http://www.amazon.com/RS232-SERIAL-CONVERT...916&sr=1-24 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/images/B0...916&sr=1-24 so it came with small CD-R for drivers but wene i opend it i dont find the ( RX , TX , VCC , and GND ) on the bord in usb side but i fond sume of them under the RS232 so can i use the usb rather than the RS 232 ??? i have all my work and family photo , sume of important paper on it :crazy: :crazy: thank you all