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  1. I have my drive fixed. I was able to run full backup from it. Thanks everyone posting here for help. I used CA-42 cable from eBay. I actually called Seagate prior to fix and they said: 1. We are nor honoring warranty on OEM installed drive (Gateway). 2. The drive is nor fixable so don't bother using cable and trying tricks. 3. We are not aware of blogs posting fixes. 4. I cant go to the link provided because my internet connection is blocked. (what a bunch of A$$holes). Few of my short suggestions: -CA-42 with arkmicro chipset - no Vista drivers - use XP computer. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=13JA6IXI -there are four pins on drive - connect right ones - no communication - double check -wait for message "User Partition Format Successful - Elapsed Time X mins XX secs" with my full drive it took about 90 sec. Good luck.
  2. Hi everybody. I live in south suburb of Chicago - Orland Park. I wondered if anybody that recovered their drive and not needing the tried - working hardware could sell it to me. I red that it is possible to get a dud so this would save me a hassle. Please email offer mkruzel@juno.com Thank you.