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  1. Hello guys, I had an idea which is also used by our datacenter. You use a shell script to partition the hdd as NTFS, download a bunch of files (CD source) from an NFS share use grub4dos to load the installer. Now my datacenters image has their own key in it, and is fully automated, I was unable to find an autounattend.xml file on the iles which means it is somehow integrated in the wim file? (I never knew that was possible) Now my Issue is, I need to use my own key so I either have to edit this image or build my own. -- No matter what I do, I am sucessful when it comes to loading the files, the installer starts but its not automated no matter what I do even if i place an autounattend.xml CAn anyone help me either create a fully unattend.xml or wim image or edit one? This is for 2008 STD x64