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  1. any chance the installer can be updated?
  2. i'd be interested in that package. any chance of including nero toolkit?
  3. ^is that element or blue?
  4. please don't.... there's a reason it's called Nero 7 LITE v7.0.8.2
  5. excellent work!!
  6. i'd upgrade to version 7. but i've heard it's got bad problems with audio, is this true?
  7. does the full nero 7 package have nero startsmart?
  8. wow, thanks for the awesome work. keep it up
  9. so much information in this thread. any chance of a cleaned up guide that boasts all the contributions?
  10. yea, any way to take out more?
  11. so is their a proper version?
  12. great idea, XPero!
  13. or torrents
  14. just as a heads up.... the patch for 7.0.5 has been released here are the full installers already updated to 7.0.5: Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Full Installer (Compressed) - Windows Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Full Redistributable Installer (Uncompressed) - Windows here are the patch versions: Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Update for versions 7.0-7.0.3 - Windows wondering if this one can be slimmed down?