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  1. Hi ilko_t, looks like the problem was my cheap USB Stick. Used one of my friends. And now is Windows Xp runing. Is there a way i can donate some money to you guys? Possible while using my cell?
  2. hmm allright but if I use 1.0 beta4 the PC dosen't recognize the usb stick. but i guess i have to try the others ones than. What do you mean with source? i copyed my WIN XP Home CD to the PC and then used the programm. but on the CD is no such called file.
  3. hey here is the TXTSETUP.SIF in this case he says that line 4922 is buggy. "On every attempt for setup the line number changes? Is that what you mean?" What i mean that if "flash" Win XP on the usb stick again, just the buggy line changes for example earlier this day it was number 4925,4428 and 285. I used WinSetupFromUSB-0.1.1 and Windows XP Home cheers
  4. hey. i hope you can help me, but always when i want to install WIN XP HOME it says that \txtsetup.sif is buggy. it says as well the line which is supposed to be corrupt. i already did the tutorial a couple of times, just the line which is supposed to be buggy changes