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  1. Is there any way to unblock a drive that was blocked by using the "fix BSY" solution with the PCB connected to the drive (motor disconnected with plastic)? I got the LED error, disconnected the drive to remove PCB, and now the drive has stopped responding for CTRL+Z or commands. I was a little bit fooled by using "A direct guide for BSY error", because it did'nt tell that the PCB must be removed. I thought it would be enough to isolate the motor pins. Afterwards, I created an isolation paper also for the data connector, and premounted the PCB with screws. In that way I would be able to easily remove the 2 isolators with power on, and then secure the screws without riscing to drop them on the PCB. Too late I'm afriad... (Sorry if this has been answered before, I can't spend hours on reading 114 forum pages)