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  1. I Have a P105-s6024 and had to replace my sata hard drive, I do have the recovery disks but no floppy. I boot to the the Toshiba recovery disk and only gets as fars as: "Loading Ram Disk Image..." and then "Please Wait" If I select F6 right before it goes to "please wait" it says it is loading the "Toshiba Raid Driver for Windows XP"and press enter to continue or "S" to specify another driver But that is where is requires a floppy drive and not even sure what driver it needs??? I have tried 2 different drives and have same results. Does the replacement drive need to be formatted or partitioned a certain way? ( I have tried a WD 250GB & 80GB drive) Is there a way to use the toshiba recovery discs and add the drivers needed? I am really failing at this!! Any help will be much appreciated if I can reload my XP from the recovery disks without using a floppy. .