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  1. Hi, I've never used Vista, but the PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_10311 you mentioned should work with both O/S. Under Computer Management => Device Manager in XP you should be able to see your device under ports (or modems as some ppl have reported here too). If there is a device with a yellow triangle and !exlamination in it you should be able to install the drivers from there. Did your cable come with a driver CD? If the drivers you have tried aren't compatible with your cable have a look at the chip inside the USB cable to see if you can get the right drivers for it. I can't tell you which post, but I remember there a quite a few links ppl have posted in this topic for different drivers.
  2. Using aviko's method POST #528 After the HD showed up in the Bios and was shown as 0GB, I set up and repeated the steps for the Busy fix. The Busy fixed then worked and then updated the firmware. As the$#!Za has said above though, just applying the LBA 0GB fix would have probably been enough. Basically the difference between the 2 fixes are the busy fix spins down, then up, the HD first.
  3. Another HD fixed! A big Thank You to everybody who has contributed to this thread. I used this CA-42 cable of ebay, It has this chip inside. ( PL-2303 ) Black = Ground, White = Rx, Blue = Tx, I found using a separate PSU really helps when fixing the HD and I used, as suggested also, cables from an old CD audio cable for connecting the HD to the USB cable. I did have a small problem when I got to this part (doing busy fix), F3 T>m0,2,2,0,0,0,0,22 I waited 45 minutes and nothing happend . Reading what other people have said previously in this topic though, it was not something to worry about. I did this to get it to work; Press ctrl+z - to get back to prompt Disconnected Hyper terminal - Call => Disconnect in Win XP Hyper terminal Unplugged the HD - (Powered off, not unplug Ground, TX, RX cables), Switched off the PSU. * Plugged the Sata Power cable back in and Switched back on the PSU. Connected again to Hyper terminal and ran the process again. This time it worked. *I did want to find out what happend to the drive at this stage, so attached a sata data cable and booted it up on another PC. In the Bios it was recognized but as a 0GB drive. It looks to me that both problems are one of the same but are at different stages. HD now updated to the latest firmware and fully fixed