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  1. That's just the way i store my updates in order to find them quicker, when creating silent installs, the name of file is untouched here are original file names: NDP30SP2-KB2756918-x86.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB2742597-X86.exe NDP20SP2-KB2742596-x86.exe NDP40-KB2742595-x86.exe NDP40-KB2468871-v2-x86.exe dotnetfx35setup.exe
  2. Hello, I'm stuck here, can someone help me with the right silent switches? I would like to install these updates silently in the background. I'm usuing SFXMaker 1.3.1 Beta I need to create silent addons for: KB2756918-NDP30SP2-x86 KB2742597-NDP1.1sp1-X86 KB2742596-NDP20SP2-x86 KB2742595-NDP40-x86 KB2468871-NDP40-v2-x86 KB951847-all-dotnetfx35_x86 I managed to make silent addons for: NDP35SP1-KB2736416-x86 NDP40-KB2736428-x86 Cheers