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  1. Well to -X-'s question : I downloaded your update client and ran the .cmd and downloaded the updates. johnhc: I am using 10GB and 512MB RAM, I will try increasing the HD to 15GB and see how that falls together. I will post and give you guys the latest. Thanks, domeShot©
  2. Here is the error screen that appears before the Windows Setup Box pops up. I have VirtualPC running on 512MB of RAM.
  3. Thanks -X- and johnhc, I really appreciate the great help. -X- : I will use your program and get the latest updates. johnhc : I'll try that and post the "error screen" that appears before the restart. Once again Im using VirtualPC 2007, and its doing this right before the 'Windows XP Setup' dialog box appears - Once again thanks a million for the help.
  4. Ok I've uploaded my INI. When I test the ISO on VirtualPC, I get an error that pops up for a moment and then goes away.... It restarts and does the same thing, so my question is am I doing something wrong within nLite or could it be the Updates I've integrated? Last_Session.ini
  5. Awesome ricktendo, that is alot better. Am I suppose to do the update pack and then remove the componets or vice-versa, I think thats why its giving me an error t Windows Setup.
  6. I am using nLite to integrate the latest Windows Updates, I am also integrating a WMP10 and IE8 Addon at the same time. The problem that Im having is when I reformat, get the files copied and it starts the Windows Setup it automatically restarts and a dialog box appears for only a split moment and says something about an error. I am using VirtualPC 2007 to test the Windows Installation. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. I have attached my Last Session INI for information on what I am doing. - Also is there anyway I can place all the Updates that I want into one .CAB file instead of all the .EXE Files? Thanks, domeShot© Last_Session.ini