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  1. Hotfix access is up & running again (at least for W2K) as of am of 12/12.
  2. Same problem here, I've been getting this message since, I think, at least late Friday night. That's a little reassuring about XP too, I was afraid they were pulling down the W2K stuff.
  3. HI Mim0 & Parseus, Thanks for the great work, I know interest in W2K is declining, but its not gone yet! For you or Parseus or whomever maintains hfslipfc-2km.cmd, possible typo; not found (F): REPLACE/I386\msvbm60.dl_ should, I think, be \msvbvm60.dl_ Thanks
  4. A little late to be replying, but I have been using ESET Smart Security (NOD32 Antivirus + firewall) in Windows 2000 Pro for several years without problems. I'm not sure about server, the "Home" version still states that it works under Windows 2000, without specifying Pro or Server.