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  1. That problem can easily be solved:Open the file named BOOT.INI, which is in the Root of your C partition (if you don't see it, go to "Folders Options" > "View" > "Advanced Settings" > "Hidden files and folders" and enable "show them"). Delete just the line with the "USB Repair NOT to Start Microsoft Windows XP Professional" and save the file. After having done that your computer will boot straight into Windows XP Pro. Regards Fernando Fernando you are a live saver. Thank you.
  2. Using Kill Disk resulted in 2 things: 1. The ability to delete the partition. 2. Once the partition was formatted Windows was able to complete the install from the USB Stick. I now have one other issue. When XP goes to load it comes up with 2 choices as if it is trying to do a dual boot. Choice one is XP Pro, the Second is "USB Repair NOT to Start Microsoft Windows XP Professional" Does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this without starting over? Or what to do differently if I do start over?
  3. I need so much help, where to start: I have a new AOD 250 that came with XP home and I want to install XP Pro on. I have slipstreamed SP3 and my Sata drivers into XP by using nlite. I have used PeToUSB and the utility on this site to make my flash drive bootable. I am now able to get into Textmode and actually see the HD. When I go to delete the partition that Windows was installed on it won’t let me and says that there are setup files that are needed on this partition. So I try to install over the old windows installation and it says that it deletes windows and then it tries to install the new files from the USB key and it cannot copy the files. I push escape to skip and it does it to the next. What am I doing wrong!!?!?!? Thank you. All of the information on this site is what pushed me to take this on as I thought I was smart enough to do this, I failed.