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  1. Maybe you just need to uninstall and reinstall TCP/IP, worked for me a while back.
  2. Well this won't eliminate your windows loading error as this is likely either hardware or driver problem, it just allows you to conveniently intercept boot mode options and manually change it to normal if you wish so, best you can do I am afraid.
  3. Better check your own tinfoil hat for leaks!
  4. msdos.sys is a simple text file indeed.
  5. You're right, risks are low but it's still in the realm of the possible that someone snoops on your connection or that some banking/payment servers use insecure ciphers.
  6. Frankly I feel safer using my Windows ME desktop for making online payments than I feel when I occasionally do with my Windows 7 laptops.
  7. Vulnerable to being decrypted by a third party somewhere between your browser and the server you connect to and not speaking about MITM attack which everything is potentially vulnerable to on any browser/system currently. No one can take control of your PC but your credentials such as credit card details could be stolen easily if you use one those 7 protocols, regardless whether you are wired or wireless. And yes I meant cyphers indeed. If you disable those on the pic plus the two zero bit ones you will be fine.
  8. There are 7 vulnerable TLS protocols in Opera 12.02. Once they are disabled, I would think that my encrypted connections are no more or less insecure than those made with another more recent browser on another more recent system such as latest Chrome or Firefox on my Win7 laptops which I hardly ever use. If you know otherwise you'll let me know.
  9. In msdos.sys, try those options: [Options] Autoscan=0 BootMenu=1 BootMenuDelay=5 Scandisk will not run automatically and you'll always have a boot menu displayed with 5 seconds to change the automatically selected boot mode.
  10. Doesn't Windows reboot automatically in safe mode by default only after failing to fully boot? Anyway you need to edit the msdos.sys file in the system drive root dir to set those kind of boot options.
  11. It's a program to make a screenshot of your desktop and save it as bitmap, not an app to show a pic of ClassicOS.
  12. This works too: PDF reDirect 2.2.5 PDFill 6.0
  13. If you're looking for an alternative, Burp Suite Free Edition proxy works splendidly for me with Opera 12.02 on Windows ME.
  14. I am sorry to say this but this doesn't really belong here as this is possible only with a KernelEx development build which breaks a few other things working with the stable KernelEx version... Altough I told LoneCrusader to do whatever he thought was best with this post that for some unfathomable reason upsets jumper so much in the KernelEx updates thread that he holds of releasing new builds because of it , I've got to say that IMHO it belongs exactly where it originally was and not here.
  15. Works fine for me with the first I found which is version 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148).