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  1. :thumbup THANKS TO ALL for your help!!! Special thanks to jaclaz!! ALL PERFECT!! THANKS!! ALL RECOVERED!! :hello: :hello:
  2. If Echo is on, when i put a letter, without press ENTER, it just shows another same letter.. Ok.. i progress on HD (after restoring echo OFF).. Thanks
  3. When i write PIPPO (and ENTER), the cursor comes back on first P .. it's normal or not? ("Ctrl+Z" that prodecus an arrow, is it normal without HD attached?) (ECHO is OFF) Thanks again
  4. Thank a lot for your reply!!! Please, now help me!! i'm terrified!! I've the USB CA-42 cable (not nokia but ti shoud be a chinese version). The colors aren't as original nokia cable and usb jack is all plastered from silicone. So, whatching the pin scheme of original cable, with tester, i have started from metal pin (that should be connected to nokia phone) and i've seen the correspondent (in my case, there're only 4 wires, TX,RX,+,GRD) When i insert the usb cable into pc, it is correctly found and installed (with the provided driver.. it show "MS3303H USB to Serial Bridge") I've opened HyperTerminal and set correctly the port (speed etc). Of course, if i not join TX and RX cables themeselves (for loopback test), it shows "can't open COM"x".. When i join Rx and TX cable (of course, without HD mounted but only as a test) and i click on CONNECT (in hyp.Terminal), it connects. Now, if it's ok, when i write a letter (then ENTER), the cursor come back on the same letter.. (see attach.) Is normal or, receiving the same letter, it should be written another letter automatically (therefore it shows 2 letters)?? In my case, the cursor come back onto the same letter, i don't know if it means that the letter is erased and written tha same at its space. Or should it go to a new row? I've also tryed to attach +3.3 (from orange sata connector) or 5v from red usb.. BUT the situation is the same!! PS. if i press Ctrl+Z it shows an arrow right oriented... Is it normal?? PLEASEEE HELP ME.. I'M WAITING FOR YOUR HELP (WITH HD PARKED AND READY FOR..)
  5. Dear jaclaz, thank a lot. For the question: "..about CA-42 Cable, any version it should be, if loopback test will be fine, will be there NO materially difference between other version (or rs232-TTL too) ?.." Ultimately: if loopback test is ok, the cable can be considered WORKING at 100% and so it will do its working? Thanks again!!
  6. Sorry, about CA-42 Cable, any version it should be (it will arrive tomorrow), if loopback test will be fine, will be there NO materially difference between other version (or rs232-TTL too) i?? Or, though it transmits and receives data in hyperTerminal, colud be worse than "serial" version or than another ca-42 version? Thank a lot!! Ps. if the cable doesn't show which is TX and RX (but i know that both are TX and RX cable) how can i ascertain which in TX and RX? Of course, in loopback mode, i can see that give and take data but i don't know which is.. have i to test necessarily it on HD?? Is there another way?