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  1. It took about three weeks to arive. When it did, it is no larger than a standard envelope (no padding), so I guess there is no real postage costs for Novell to worry about
  2. I got free shipping on this giveaway to the UK if that helps prathapml.
  3. zprog, I'm not too sure that you are correct. I know we don't have anything like this in the UK (pretty backward when it comes to decent connections), but I am aware of this service I appreciate that it is a pretty limited area of service, but it is wireless. I would have to assume that where there is one, you should be able to find others.
  4. I just wish to check something here, but is your quote correct in that you have another router plugged into your wrt54g? (I assume that the wrt54g is this linksys model ) If so, what is the make and model of your second router? I suspect that what you have got here, is two routers using the same ip address for their web interfaces. If you REALLY need to use two routers on your network, then I suggest that you remove one of them, and configure the other to use different addreses, then add the second router and configure that. Also, if the second router is connected using it's wan port, then I am pretty sure that by default you cannot access the webconfiguration page from that side.
  5. You can rebuild the IP stack in 2k using the netsh.exe command line tool. From a command prompt, type the following netsh interface reset all routing reset all routing dump bye exit That should reset your stack.
  6. Have you tried to manually assign an address. It may "fix itself" if you assign an address then set the NIC back to DHCP. Failing that, if it works OK with a static address, it may save you a reinstall. If my memory serves me correctly for a Linksys, try an address of with a subnet of and a gateway fo You will need to check those addresses, but I think that is the range Linksys use, and you will also need to obtain your DNS addresses.
  7. I appreciate that this may sound like a real PITA, but I have experienced similar problems on a 98 peer to peer network before. If you are happy that all your settings are correct, then I would suggest that you uninstall all the networking componants (including remove the NIC's from device manager) and start again. Ensure you have the latest and correct drivers for the cards, and don't forget you will need the OS discs (unless the cabs are on the hard drive) to reinstall the network componants. Good Luck.
  8. There is a choice of several free on-line anonymizers from here,privacy
  9. Hi all, as the board says, Introduce Yourself, so here goes. I'm from the UK, just south of London. Just turned the wrong side of 40 . I recently quit a 60 a day smoking habit, so excuse me if I get grumpy I work for a College on the network side of things. We have 4 seperate networks, 3 smallish (50 pc's and 2 servers each) Microsoft ones and one slightly larger (800 pc's 9 servers) Novell Network. We have team of 5 people supporting this, so our knowledge is quite varied and not too specific. Which is why I am here Looks like a great site, with plenty of knowledgeable people who are ready to help. I hope this is the start of a great relationship Anyway, that's enough for now. Thanks for the help so far. Mr. I.
  10. Sorry DarkPhoenix, I do not wish to hijack your thread, but I am having exactly the same problem (at the very least this will bump you ). My winnt.sif does everything else I wish, but refuses point blank to set the TimeZone to GMT (085). I do not have a copy of the file to hand at the moment, but trust me, it is written correctly. I am now wondering if there is another possible reason for the error. I am using a corporate XP SP1 disc, to which I have slipstreamed SP2. It all works fine apart from the TimeZone, which insists on defaulting to the Pacific Region (Windows default). Anybodyelse got any ideas?? Please!! Thanks.