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  1. I Don't know if it's a known bug but the load settings option isn't working if i select a pevieus saved setup i still have to select everything all over again. i don't get a error nothing it seems to refresh but still it doesn't show my saved settings. it the settings where saved from the same version as i tried to load them. Beta link to load log here. hope it helps (don't think so because i can't see anything unusual but then again im a n00b) greetz Bonzai ps Happy New Year peeps
  2. try Xampp for windows its php mysql and apache in one installer if linux use the same and Xper a uptime for linux of 28 days realy sucks if its a server i use both and have a uptime of 100 days on my windows machine linux (debian) uptime of 268 days right now lol didn't see it was a realy old post /me stupid
  3. a bit late maybe but you can always use everest from its a software util that shows you lots of info on your hardware
  4. dude im no mod or something but don't you think you topic title is a bit on the fage side ?? and isn't wpi after you installed windows ?? thats why its called POST install wizard
  5. to put it simple the Current Windows XP series WILL NOT USE dual core but that doesn't mean you will not use the extra core because when the programm it self is build for dual core it will use both cores even if windows only uses 1