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  1. Yeaahh!! I just fix my ST3500320AS, fw: SD15. Thaks a lot to pedrojpz (¡Gracias tío!) for his support, and wacio for the drivers (I tested a lot of them). I recovered all from HD, thanks guys!!
  2. Can you re-phrase that as it does not make much sense. Andy Sorry, I have two cables marked as GND, but I didnt connect them. Power supply was connect correctly (to PCB).
  3. Hi, I have been read a lot several days for fix this problem in my hard drive (ST3500320AS SD15). My problem is that cable is not recognized by the pc. I tried install with Ark or motorola drivers. Im using "Nokia" CA-42 (I didnt connect before, I should have done, but I didnt) cable connecting Rx to TX, and TX to RX. I have 2 GND and I dont connect it.Sata power supply connect too. If I cant comunicate with the PCB i will not fix this never, so I need your help. I dont know what can I do. Thanks Edit: Loopback test fail.