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  1. Still not working. Unmountig take about 1min 30sec. and dism give me still error. So I tried solution in this topic . With no WAIK installed, using Gimagex only (Apply Tab, Capture Tab) I created install.wim. This install.wim is now compatible with WAIK 1.1, vLite, dism and batch removal working fine. I dont know why, but mounting/unmounting not worked for me.
  2. dead0: Hi, I have a problem (look at screenshot). I did everything following your guide to prepair image: - Installed WAIK 2.0 - Ticked RW, Commit. Mounted image (original install.wim) using Gimagex with image 4 (x64). - Unmounted image with Commint changes ticked. - Uninstalled WAIK 2.0. - Restarted Windows. - Installed WAIK 1.1. - Mounted image using Gimagex with image 4 (x64). - Used tweak.exe /m. Ok. - Unmounted image with Commint changes ticked. - Mounted image using Gimagex with image 4 (x64). - Started dism7x64.bat (c:\s1\sources) downloaded from first post of this thread. After removed few packages it give me this error: ...what I´m doing wrong?
  3. did you test it first in vmware/virtualbox? can you post a screenshot of the bsod? did you use the ultimatex86.ini in vlite? Problem resolved I don´t know where exactly was problem, I tried install in vmware with bsod, so I made iso again, installed in MS Virtual PC and no problem. Now I run on my 7lite Ultimate version, thx for your guide. And I had problem with removex86.bat, It gave mi info "Access Denied" while removing files. So I add to your batch file a couple lines to take ownership and admin permission: takeown /f {folder} /r /d y icacls {folder} /grant administrators:F /T as first take ownership, then permission and then remove files and folders.
  4. dead0: hi, I did everythig to step 11.) I tried to make iso and install, it was ok, no problem. Then I did procedure in step 12., 13. run removex86.bat, commit changes and unmount. Then I used vLite again, it generated me 638MB iso. I tried install, but after the restart (when installation proces give message: "Setup will continue after restart computer") It gives me BSOD. Whats wrong? Can you help me? So I can´t use removex86.bat to remove files and folders. My iso is now 1,2Gb without using removex86.bat, with is about 650MB but bluescreen.