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  1. I searched this subject and have not really found the answer I am looking for. From what I have read any Vista or Windows7 installation (even vlited ones) will eventually have a huge WinSxs folder. Mine is currently at 5Gb on my test installation with very few programs being used, from what i have seen 10 - 15 Gb WinSxS folders are common. Right now I have two 750Gb drives so this isn't a huge problem. Here's where the issue starts - I am in the process of a new build that will use a 40Gb SSD as the boot drive, I also want to have a few office apps and some editing apps on the SSD. If the WinSxs folder swells it will pretty much kill any use for the SSD except for windows. I'm thinking of just using XP 64 - any suggestions. I allready own and can not return the SSD, and also have both XP-64 and Windows7-64