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  1. how to connect my A.C. with my laptop

    Umm why you went through the lengths you did to take snippets of my response out of context and to pick apart one of my first my posts here is beyond me. You don't think I was serious about COBAL at all do you... did you miss the stapler part? PIC chips are everywhere still... especially in the cheaper $80.00 AC units and lots of cheap companies still use OTP ROM or Eprom which still can be found in modern MCU's today, (I'm looking at examples right now). Rooftop units and quality units use better parts and have more complexity and will most certainly use a dedicated MCU, EEproms or flash, etc.. I too have experience in commercial HVAC, have run a repair shop for over 14 years, and a degree in Industrial Electronics and Robotics, so I like to think I know what I'm doing. The way you dissected and promptly decided to debunk everything I posted has made me feel quite unwelcome especially coming from an Moderator. Quote.
  2. HijackThis Log of friend

    I see AVG and Norton together... they fight each other ditch one or the other. Also there are a few BHO objects I would ditch like jaclaz mentioned. You would be better served to post your log at the Hijack This forum as mentioned as well. Another thing I would do is totally remove Java and all of its revisions from your system and re-install the latest version.
  3. how to connect my A.C. with my laptop

    I think he wants to tinker with the controller chip on his AC... it will be in a propriety language or code and probably stored in a ROM chip anyway. If your lucky and its in C or a variant you could use COBOL... but why, do you need it to interface with a stapler? Most likely you'd need to know Assembly and if your lucky and they used a PIC Chip, you could "technically" replace it with a programmable one...