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  1. I only remember, for the 0.2.3 i had a few days of trying to get it working as i want. But never with any driver problems. Far from it, when installation was complete, i nearly never had to install any additional drivers. Biggest problem were my own "runonce" setups which were not starting after setup. Hm.... maybe some old drivers made it into the winXP-source-setup or maybe some got deleted. In my early trys i was not very clean in recreating a fresh XP-source everytime i created a new nLite image. My 7-zip (4.65 x64) is unable to open the .IMG file. I get an error "Can't open XP_INST.IMA as archiv." Did we find a x64 bug of 7-zip? Ok that's the wrong board for this type of error
  2. Hmpf, i downloaded this package, but was unable to look into the img file. Sorry and thanks I retested the old image and run the usb_pnp.cmd right after 1. reboot. (deactivated the second one in the setup.cmd) The skript says "successfull installed" on every step. No "devcon failed" messages anymore! But in the end, the driveletter was still missing. I didn't find it with showdrive, mnt.exe, mountvol.exe or diskpart. BUT after a reboot the driverletter appeared as U: ! I decided to change the setup.cmd once more. Here is the "beginning" of the used setup.cmd: @echo off setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion if not exist reg.exe ( echo reg.exe not found echo reg.exe not found >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ) if not exist findstr.exe ( echo findstr.exe not found echo findstr.exe not found >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ) if not exist mountvol.exe ( echo mountvol.exe not found echo mountvol.exe not found >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ) else ( echo mountvol.exe output: >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log mountvol.exe >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ) rem XPpSP3 string is dynamically changed by WinSetupFromUSB when prepariung source set TAGFILE=\WINSETUP\XPpSP3 rem Load PNP if not exist loadpnp.1 ( call usb_pnp.cmd echo PNP Loaded > loadpnp.1 ) if exist mountvol.exe ( for /f "tokens=1 delims=: " %%? in ('mountvol.exe ^|find ":\"') do ( dir %%?:%TAGFILE% > nul 2>&1 && set CDDRIVE=%%?: if defined CDDRIVE goto :CDDRIVE_found ) ) else ( FOR %%h IN (U V W X C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T Y) DO ( IF EXIST "%%h:%TAGFILE%" ( SET CDDRIVE=%%h: goto :CDDRIVE_found ) ) ) echo no %TAGFILE% drive found echo no %TAGFILE% drive found >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ... The rest of the setup.cmd is original. The content of the usb_pnp.cmd is: @echo off setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion :USB_PNP.cmd :: Batch to load USB devices - XP 32bit :: by cdob v0.01 set Seed=%random%%random%%random% set Seed=0x%Seed:~,8% reg.exe add "HKLM\SYSTEM\WPA\Pnp" /f /t REG_DWORD /v "Seed" /d %Seed% reg.exe query "HKLM\SYSTEM\WPA\Pnp" set Control=HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control reg.exe add "%Control%\Session Manager\WPA\Pnp" /f /t REG_DWORD /v "Seed" /d %Seed% reg.ee add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Driver Signing" /f /t REG_BINARY /v "Policy" /d 00000000 reg.exe add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Non-Driver Signing" /f /t REG_BINARY /v "Policy" /d 00 reg.exe add "HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Driver Signing" /f /t REG_DWORD /v "BehaviorOnFailedVerify" /d 0x0 rem set driver signing policy dsigning.exe :: reg.exe add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup" /f /t REG_DWORD /v "LogLevel" /d 0xFFFFffff rem PNP USB devices and attach drive letter to USB flash drive rem no RunDll32.exe Syssetup.dll,UpdatePnpDeviceDrivers rem devcon.exe [url="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311272"]http://support.microsoft.com/kb/311272[/url] echo. &echo USB controller and USB HUB for %%a in (PCI\CC_0C0300 PCI\CC_0C0310 PCI\CC_0C0320 USB\ROOT_HUB USB\ROOT_HUB20) do ( devcon.exe hwids "%%a" | find.exe "%%a" && devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\usbport.inf "%%a" ) echo. &echo USB storage device rem no hwids defined for USB storage device for %%a in (06 05 02 06 05 02) do ( devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\usbstor.inf "USB\Class_08&SubClass_%%a&Prot_50" ) rem USB keyboard and mouse devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\usb.inf "USB\COMPOSITE" devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\input.inf "USB\Class_03" devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\msmouse.inf "HID_DEVICE_SYSTEM_MOUSE" devcon.exe install %SystemRoot%\inf\keyboard.inf "HID_DEVICE_SYSTEM_KEYBOARD" (I just deleted the last few lines) The setup runs as normal, reboots once in gui-mode and finaly finds my usb-stick and finishes the installation! Thanks! You are great! ----------------------------------------------------------- And here comes the second point on my totry-list ----------------------------------------------------------- I created a new image with nLite. But i added the driverpackages (Chipset, CPU, LAN, MassStorage, MassStorage-Textmode) with the DPsBASE Tool AFTER the nLite-setup. Howto: http://users.telenet.be/jtdoom/basetute/Eng_tut6b.htm With this new image, the installation works! It's a bit slow in the driver loading part but who cares? Sorry i made you so much work and finaly a new image was a solution. Btw, in the old image the driverpack was integrated with nLite. That was a stupid idea, like the howto says. Strange it worked with the 0.2.3 Setup. EDIT: Change the codes to codeboxes - postshrinking
  3. I tested another PC with different Hardware and same result. On this PC i'm 100% sure it worked with the 0.2.3 stable version of Winsetupfromusb and the same usb-stick. By the way, the Image i use is a nLite one (sorry i didn't told earlier, i simply forgotten it). There is a hotfix package and a driverpack added to the image. See the "last session.ini" Letzte_Session.7z Since this image was working on the 0.2.3 version i hope its not part of the problem Just to ensure its realy not the nlite image, i will create a new one tomorrow without any extra packages. I don't find the dsigning.exe in the post. in which package is it hidden, pls? Sorry! I tested the batch without the dsinging.exe but i only get Device node created. Install is complete drivers are updated... Updating drivers for PCI/CC_0C0320 from C:\Windows\inf\usbport.inf. devcon failed. USB\ROOT_HUB\4&1C5B443C&0 ... And some more of this messages.
  4. Yes, along withsome more usb*.sys files. *8023 ; *camd ; *camd2 ; *d ; *ehci ; *hub ; *intel ; *port ; *uhci To test if theres a problem with the stick and on/off switchings while booting, i unpluged the stick and rebooted. When the windows logo appeared i pluged the stick in. Now one LED of the stick is on but in the setup i still end up in the same error. (it was a stupid test, i know ) Yes they are generated like defined in setup.cmd. Yes, it exists with 2 entries: ClassGUID REG_SZ {36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000} Service REG_SZ usbhub
  5. Uhm, the first question is a good one. I have no idea If you need the *.drv files from the system32 folder, i can upload thm, too. For the system.sav file, i created 2 zip files wich contain the system.sav and default.sav from the windows/system32/config folder. One direct after the textmode-setup. Without reboot. The second after the 1. reboot. I rebooted a second time, but then the there were no *.sav files in the config folder. after_textmode.7z 1_reboot.7z Thanks again for the help!
  6. I just recreated the stick. changes: added dosdev.exe to txtsetup.sif added the showdrive.exe call to setup.cmd. Positioned it right after the mountvol.exe check/call (before the "set TAGFILE") After a new started setup, the system again reboots twice and ends up by GLOBALROOT\??\\WINSETUP....... When i start the cmd and run mnt i get the same result as before. When i use dosdev.exe i get the following result: C: = \Device\HarddiskVolume1 [Fixed] D: = \Device\CdRom0 [CDRom] Y: = \Device\harddisk20\partition1; \Device\harddisk19\partition1; \Device\harddisk18\partition1; \Device\harddisk17\partition1; \Device\harddisk16\partition1; \Device\harddisk15\partition1; \Device\harddisk14\partition1; \Device\harddisk13\partition1; \Device\harddisk12\partition1; \Device\harddisk11\partition1; \Device\harddisk10\partition1; \Device\harddisk9\partition1; \Device\harddisk8\partition1; \Device\harddisk7\partition1; \Device\harddisk6\partition1; \Device\harddisk5\partition1; \Device\harddisk4\partition1; \Device\harddisk3\partition1; \Device\harddisk2\partition1; \Device\harddisk1\partition1; \Device\harddisk0\partition1 [NoRootDir] When i try to Mount them with mnt.exe the only one which works is: \Device\harddisk0\partition1 and thats the C: of the HDD. I think the Y: mapping comes from the for-loop in the setup.cmd: FOR /L %%G IN (0,1,20) DO ( mnt.exe Y: \device\harddisk%%G\partition1 dir Y:%TAGFILE% > nul 2>&1 && set CDDRIVE=Y: if defined CDDRIVE goto :CDDRIVE_found ) For some reason it does not overrive the mappings, no it extends it?!? EDIT: Okey, i changed the for-loop to: FOR /L %%G IN (0,1,20) DO ( mnt.exe Y: \device\harddisk%%G\partition1 dir Y:%TAGFILE% > nul 2>&1 && set CDDRIVE=Y: if defined CDDRIVE goto :CDDRIVE_found mnt.exe -u Y: ) If i'm not wrong, the last line in the loop runs only, if the TAGFILE was not found. If it is found, the goto jumps out of the loop. Now the mnt.exe and dosdev show only the C: and D: Drives. So i think the stick isn't found at all. Maybe a driver problem?
  7. Sorry for the late answer, i got sick last week. I changed the txtsetup.sif in the "Image-Source" and recreated the whole usbstick. After this i checked the iso file and setup folder on the stick. Both contain the new entry for the mnt.exe (and now for showdrive.exe, too) I also added a "exists"-check for the mnt.exe: if not exist mnt.exe ( echo mnt.exe not found echo mnt.exe not found >> %SystemRoot%\winsetup.log ) else ( FOR /L %%G IN (0,1,20) DO ( mnt.exe Y: \device\harddisk%%G\partition1 dir Y:%TAGFILE% > nul 2>&1 && set CDDRIVE=Y: if defined CDDRIVE goto :CDDRIVE_found ) ) to the [Winsetupfromusbfolder]\files\winsetup\setup.cmd to ensure the mnt.exe is copied successfull. And it is. List disk output is only listing the HDD. List volume shows the CDDRIVE and the C partition of the HDD. I also tryed the "rescan" command. Nothing changed. Tryed with same result Yes i let it reboot until the error comes up. (2 gui-setup reboots) When i boot from USB part 2 every time, i get the same result. I added this to the txtsetup.sif and after ending up by the setup-error. I tryed to run it in the cmd. But it shows nothing but a empty line. Are there any parameters i can use? I don't understand the Chines/Japanes-symbols By the way, like i wrote earlier, the usbstick-led is "on" until windows is booting. Then it turns "off" and stays "off". When i boot BartPE (XP) the stick is maped as X: and works normaly. I copied the setupact.log, setuplog.txt and winsetup.log to show them here. Maybe there are some more information for you. setuplogs.7z
  8. Thanks for your fast answer! I tested the changes of setup.cmd and modified the txtsetup.sif to get the mnt.exe copied. But the usb driveletter is still missing. (WinXP SP3 32bit - stick formated with FAT32) When i use shift+F10 and type "mnt" I get the following result: C: => \Device\harddiskVolume1 D: => \Device\CdRom0 QueryDosDevice failed. Tryed with "ehci" enabled and disabled in BIOS. Seams like the driver is loaded and the stick is "found" but is not accessable. (btw. The LED in the stick turns off when entering gui-setup) Next try was to repeat the trys before, but with a NTFS formated stick. Same result.
  9. Hi, first - Thanks for this great tool! Good work! Now to my problem: I get the same error when installing WinXPpSP3 from my OCZ Throttle 32GB Stick using WSFUSB 1.0 beta 4. With this stick i already successfull installed the same Win-Setup using WSFUSB 0.2.3. Stupidly i formated the stick accidently. When i started to recreate it, i found the new version 1.0 beta 4 and decited to use it. As far as i know, there are just 3 differences between the 0.2.3 and 1.0 beta 4 stick-installation: - First is the WinsetupFromUSB Version ( ) Was there a change with the drivemapping? - Second is the Target PC. It's a "standard" desktop pc like the others before. But an other motherboard. (P5KPL-VM/V-P5G31/DP_MB) The Bios is able to declare a USB Stick as "HDD" (for booting). I tested all avaible options: With the value "Auto" and "HDD" the system boots successful but the error above in second setup part. With the Value "CDROM" the stick does not boot at all. System stands with a blinking "_" With "Floppy" i get the message: "Missing MBR-helper." With "Force FDD" i get the message: "BOOTMGR missing" EDIT: I just tested the installation on a pc where it was working with the 0.2.3 version. Now with the 1.0 beta 4 i get the "GLOBALROOT" error, too. - Third is the Filesystem on the stick. On 0.2.3 i used NTFS on the stick because of the high copy speed in textmode-setup. Now with 1.0 beta 4 i first used FAT32. The copy speed is nearly the same as with NTFS now! I guess the speed problem was fixed. To ensure the filesystem is not the "problem" i converted the FAT32 to NTFS and reinstalled again. Same problem again. So its not based on the filesystem. But what else can it be? I found some registry tweaks in the setup.cmd. Is it possible to add some more keys there? maybe "copy" the keys from a system which accepts the USB stick?