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  1. This seems like the best thread to ask. So I've got Office 2007, but I needed German spelling/grammar, so I went ahead and bought the language pack. I copied the office disc to my drive and integrated SP2 like so many guides have shown. Seems to work fine. Now how do I integrate the language pack? Specifically, I only need to integrate the spell checking, menus and such never need to be in German. I guess I should start by copying PROOF.DE (oddly in all caps while on my office disc it's Proof.en for instance) to the Proofing directory. Do I need to change the XML files somehow? I also want to get rid of some of the stuff on the disc. Shrink / slim down office (hopefully enough so it can fit onto the XP disc as well). Outlook and Publisher are useless to me for instance, there are others, but I never use them so the names escape me. I've thought about just deleting the directories, but I fear that it may just mess up the install. I don't want to do an unattended install. Just because I'd like the option to change things if I wanted to, but can I preset which features are installed, etc and go from there? Sorry, I didn't want to read through 16 pages, but if someone wants to direct me to specific posts relating to what I'd like to do, that would be great as well.