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  1. One more vote for this o/
  2. 2 monitors with different resolutions. Basic BBlean/objectdock-setup on the left and winamp/irssi on the right.
  3. Bittorrent: ABC Direct Connect: Strong DC++
  4. Bitdefender.
  5. I managed to make a working stripped version of windows 2000 with sp4, but since I can't use it to integrate hotfixes and drivers, should I use XPcreate to do the trick? Can XPcreate and nlite be used together so that they dont mess each other somehow? The biggest question is can I use the image created by nlite, or should I have "clean"(original) image of windows 2000 for XPcreate for integrating different hotfixes and drivers. This is basicly what I want for my new windows 2000 CD(Important ones marked with [b ]: -SP4 integrated -useless stuff deleted from cd -Some critical hotfixes integrated -DirectX 9.0c -VIA Hyperion 4.53 -Omega drivers for geforce It would be great, if I could make this fit on small 8cm CD(210mt), if you have tips for what do delete from windows 2000cd, I would be most grateful