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  1. I didn't implement the translation for components. @ grammy Do you mean presets? It is already implemented. Regards Hey, blue4603, very quit reply! Oh, i lost a word. I mean the preset should include everything - every setting in this powerful software: path of imagex, dism, oscdimg, and also the windows installation files; (by the way, the form of the windows installation source doesn't work by copying - only work by browse button) path of the hotfix (I do not choose the hotfix every time), language pack and something else.... If you can add a function under command line, like 7Customizer.exe -preset preset.txt It will be wonderful!
  2. Hey, blue4603, I have tested in a virtual machine, the component looks removed successfully, but in the start menu the shortcut is still there, and nothing happened after clicking. It should be clean at all, am I right?
  3. Hey, blue4603, I like this tool, if there is a script to record every in this tool that I can reuse every time, it will make me quite happy!