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  1. Hi,bensam56, I've updated "resource.ja-JP.txt" and sent a mail to you. Please check the attached file. Regards.
  2. Hi, I made a Japanese guide page for RT Se7en Lite. Updated Aug 8 2010. Based on Beta Build 2.2.0 (RC Build 1.3.0) RT Se7en Lite Guide Regards
  3. Hi,bensam56 Thank you for releasing the new version. Btw,I've just a little notice. In Tweak section,japanese font is slightly large. Could you please reduce the size?
  4. Thank you friend.... Hi,bensam56 Sorry for my typo. By the way,I sent a mail to you. Please check the attached files:resource.ja-JP and Help_ja-JP. Regards.
  5. Hi,besam56 Japanese translation for RT Seven Lite will soon complete. I hope that this translation is in time for the next version. Regards.
  6. Hi Blue, here are the Japanese.lng(.zip file). Japanese.lng 0.4.3 Regards
  7. Hi, works fine with Enterprise x64 Japanese.
  8. Hi, I made a Japanese guide page. "7Customizer Guide" http://orange.zero.jp/angel.omega/7Customizer.htm 24 April 2010 updated for v0.4.3 Regards