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  1. Hi, you are doing a great work! I tried to install XP En 32bit with it from the 4gb usb drive, but it failed. I had read the FAQ and searched some information from the topic. Unfortunately, they can't solve my problem. The problem: it went to the setup text mode of the first step, but it got the BSOD 0x0000007b when the system displayed "starting windows" at the bottom status bar. I had tried: 1, to add the modified NTDETECT.COM to the USB drive root. 2, to integrate the mass storage drivers to the XP source using driverpacks tool. Because they are prompted in the FAQ. My PC information: XP 32bit, Intel desktop board D845GBV, BIOS RG84510A (support USB boot) What I am doing: USB stick drive 4GB hyundai, WinSetupFromUSB with GUI 1.0 beta, XP En 32bit( I had tried two sources, both failed. ) Something else: It works for BartPE. I mean that BartPE is added to the USB drive and BartPE can work from usb booting using the 1.0 beta4. And, the 1.0 beta4 is placed the G hard drive which is primary one, but not active. Does it matter? Looking forward to your responses! Thanks a lot! soarinblue Here is the log file: REMOVED by jaclaz