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  1. Usually transfering files from my Desktop (or a folder on my Desktop) to my external HDD. I have been logged in as Admin since I installed Windows 7. Other times when I delete a file or folder on my Desktop the file will instantly come back after it gets refreshed, but will be gone some minutes later.
  2. Why do I keep getting this? Never had this problem with XP or Vista. Whenever I try to move or delete something this stupid message pops up. The only thing that seems to fix it is waiting 5 minutes between file/folder moves and deletion.
  3. I would like to request an add-on for KB931125 August 2010 Root Certificates
  4. I would like to request an add-on for KB940157 Windows Search 4.0 for Windows XP
  5. I have a printer/scanner all-in-one deal and after using nLite on my install I can no longer install the drivers for it. Other than my Last Session [which I attached] the only other thing I can provide is that when installing the drivers it shows that following files are missing: slbcsp.dll & sccbase.dll LAST_SESSION.INI