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  1. I complete success after many hours of trial and error. I bought a Chinese CA-42 cable from 'BargainCell' on Amazon for $0.01 + $2.99 shipping. Stripped back, it only has 3 wires white, yellow, and green. Loopback was perfect with white and yellow. However, no matter how I connected them to the drive I had the 'arrow problem' where Ctrl+Z echoed back and I never received the F3 prompt. I tried several combinations of grounding the green to the PSU cable with no luck. Tried green to the third pin on the drive and this caused a 'no arrow' condition. Then while moving the drive around and POUNDING ON ctrl+z out of frustration, I received ONE lonely F3 prompt as a tease. I knew there had to be a way. I figured out that grounding the green wire to the chassis of the drive did the trick. I proceeded through the directions, and all is now well in seagate land! Thanks for this thread!