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  1. yeh im terrible for that, i always check if i have an account, and if GoNz0 with the zero comes up i always hit the lost password link to see if a mail plops into hotmail
  2. Something wrong with my sound

    so you have stopped the card's hardware being used, you have not fixed the problem, just offloaded all the sound processing onto the CPU instead. check the cards not having an IRQ conflict, if it's sharing with the video card, that should be the problem. also make sure said card isn't dusty, a bit of conductive fluff can cause all sorts of problems
  3. Price Outrage

    bit like the UK, we pay through the nose compared to the USA.
  4. HDD Whine or Squeel

    most hard drives dont have the 3 year anymore. Maxtor dropped it, if you can RMA a fujitsu its a miricle lol
  5. One Word Game......

  6. AMD XP 3000 ? Wtf ?

    im hanging on for a 512kb barton core,
  7. AMD XP 3000 ? Wtf ?

    just seems so OTT for an AMD chip thats behind intel's speed.. the XP2000 was half the price of the intel 2.0... :s
  8. AMD XP 3000 ? Wtf ?

    £500 for the new XP3000, are AMD tripping or somthing, they just killed any chance they had of selling that chip, why ???, becuase it's almost the same price as a Intel 3.06 ghz chip. £503 on dabs.con for the XP3000 (long lead time expected) and the intel 3ghz is £550, AMD are susposed to be like half the price of Intel ffs was a bunch of idiots.
  9. I Need Calipers

    I can skate quite well in a straight line...... come to turning the bend and im in a pile on the floor
  10. The Ketchup Song

    nice bodies, but the faces man u need help if you like that face LOL
  11. The Ketchup Song

    there new song's worst, called touch my bum or somthing, there so ugly, the midwife slapped there mother at birth...
  12. New Guy Sayin Hi

    i come here for email notification on my posts i'm 28 and the technical department in the PC Shop i work for. soooooooo i need somewere to come for answers, and in exchange chip in my 2 pence worth when i got the answer.... i use NTFS.org, but there having a few problems with there site, and no more email notification so i need a new home If i reply in the day im stone cold sober.. after 9pm im stoned and drunk so take no notice
  13. New Guy Sayin Hi

    the odd link from NTFS.org gave you all away *sniff* your all so friendly
  14. Help and HowTo: DUI

    ROFL.. n1